Kommende events:

Panel-deltager, En ifrågasatt demokrati. Konference. Linnaeus University. 15. november 2023.

Keynote-forelæsning, Politics Week 2024. Institut for Statskundskab, Syddansk Universitet. 29. januar 2024.

Konferencepræsentationer (fagfællebedømt)

Farkas, J. (2023). Making Democracy More Truthful? Examining the Construction of Credibility Among Fact-Checkers in Hungary, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, ICA 2023 Pre-conference, The Global Fact-Checking Movement: Regional, Comparative, Organizational, and Institutional Perspectives, Toronto, Canada. 24. maj 2023.

Bengtsson, M., Schousboe, S. & Farkas, J. (2023).  Ontological and epistemological foundations of fact-checking: A reading of fact-checkers’ policy documents. ICA 2023 Pre-conference, The Global Fact-Checking Movement: Regional, Comparative, Organizational, and Institutional Perspectives, Toronto, Canada. 24. maj 2023.

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Inviterede forelæsninger

”Fake News og Journalistik,’ Roskilde Universitet, Roskilde, Danmark. 12. december 2022.

Fake News, Journalism, and the Democratic Paradox,’ Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sverige. 7. december 2022.

‘Diskursteori og kritisk desinformations-analyse,’ Københavns Universitet, Institut for Kommunikation, København, Danmark, 6. oktober 2022.

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‘Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: A Critical Examination’, The University of Antwerp (digital forelæsning). Antwerp, Belgien, 5. marts 2021.

‘We Try to Avoid Fake News’: Examining Journalistic Reflections on Fake News Coverage. International Symposium. Journalism, Media and the Normalization of (Right-Wing) Populism and Nativist Authoritarianism: Analysis of Practices and Counteracting Strategies before and during the COVID-19. Organised by Gothenburg University and Uppsala University. 5. februar 2021.

‘Disguised Propaganda, Fake News and Democracy’, Fojos Faktajouren, Linnéuniversitetet, Kalmar, Sweden. 11. november 2020.

‘Sluta jaga sanningen på bekostnad av demokratin’. Sanning, lögn och språk, Värmland läser, Karlstad, Sverige. 8. september 2020.

‘Online Disinformation and Post-Truth Discourses’. Syddansk Universitet, Institut for Kulturvidenskaber, Odense, Danmark, 30. april 2020.

‘Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: A Critical Examination’, Kulturdepartementet (det svenske Kulturministerium) , Stockholm, Sweden, 12. februar 2020.

‘Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: A Critical Examination’, Lund Universitet, Symposium on Social Information and Hybrid Power: A Strategic Platform for Political Communication, Helsingborg, Sverige, 13. december 2019.

‘Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: A Critical Examination’, Södertörn Universitet, School of Culture and Education. Stockholm, Sverige, 6. december 2019.

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Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: A Critical Examination’, Cornell University, Department of Information Science. Ithaca, USA, 12. september 2019.

‘Truslen fra desinformation i Danmark’, Altinget. København, Danmark, 3. juni 2019.

‘Disguised propaganda on social media’. Göteborg Universitet, Brännpunkt Europa. Göteborg, Sverige, 22. januar 2019.

‘Disguised propaganda in the digital era’, Deep Cuts #1: Copy/Truth Fake/Original, OBRA Gallery. Malmö, Sverige, 19. november 2018.

‘Hitting the wall: How social media companies inhibit the struggle against political deception’, Göteborg Universitet,, Centrum för Europaforskning. Göteborg, Sverige, 12. oktober 2018.

‘Disguised Propaganda on Social Media: Addressing Democratic Dangers and Solutions’, Göteborg Universitet, Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG). Göteborg, Sverige, 12. oktober 2018.

‘Fake News Literacy? Understanding the potentials and challenges of spotting, classifying and contesting ‘fake news’, TechFestival 2018. København, Danmark, 5. september 2018.


Aalborg University
Department of Communication and Psychology
September 2020 – January 2021
Hosted by Associate Professor Bolette Blaagaard

Cornell University
Department of Information Science
September-October 2019
Vært: Professor Steven J. Jackson

Andre aktiviteter

Ph.d.-forsvar, Malmö Universitet, Malmö, Sverige. 2. juni 2023.

Ekspert-deltager, The Cognitive Intrusions Opening Symposium, European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, Helsinki, Finland. 9. marts 2023.

Afsluttende PhD Seminar (i,e, ‘pre-defence’), Malmö University, Opponent: Associate Professor Eva Mayerhöffer, October 2022.

Deltager, ‘Master class with Professor Zizi Papacharissi: Affective publics and social connection in the digital age,’ Roskilde University, Roskilde, april 2022.

Bogforedrag, ’Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: A Critical Examination’, Malmö Universitet, Malmö Universitets Bibliotek. Malmö, Sweden, oktober 2019.

50% PhD Seminar, Malmö University, Opponent: Docent Aske Kammer, Malmö, Sweden, oktober 2020.

Forelæser og paneldeltager, TRAIN Conference, Online pga. COVID-19, august 2020.

Deltager, Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2020, Online pga. COVID-19, juni 2020.

Paneldeltager, paneldebat om ‘Post-Truth, Fake News, and Democracy’ på Goto10, Stockholm, Sverige, februar 2020.

Ekspert-deltager, Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Berlin, Tyskland, november 2019.

Foredragsholder, bogforedrag + reception, Malmö Universitet, School of Arts and Communication. Malmö, Sverige, november 2019.

Deltager, Academic Information Expert Pool Meeting, Hybrid CoE – The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, To-dags seminarHelsinki, Finland, november 2019.

Medarrangør, Workshop on threats, doxing and online harassment against media scholars and media professionals, Nordmedia, Malmö Universitet, august 2019.

Deltager, Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2019, Skuespilhuset, København. juni 2019.

Deltager, Datafication, Digital Inequalities and Data Justice, Netværks-konference i København, Juni 2019.

Paneldeltager, TRAIN Conference, Örebro, April 2019.,

Deltager, Netværksmøde om risikoen for udenlandsk påvirkning af det danske folketingsvalg, Udenrigsministeriet, Marts 2019.

Panel-debattør, Keynote by Professor Jay David BolterAugmented and Virtual Reality-enhancing our understanding of cultural heritage, Malmö University, November 2018,

Ordstyrer, Panel on discursive struggles in national and European media, 7th European Communication Conference (ECC), Lugano, Switzerland, October 2018.

Medarrangør, Three Young Scholar Workshops: Methods, Writing and Activism, Pre-conference event to the 7th European Communication Conference (ECC) in Lugano, Switzerland, October 2018.

Deltager, Cph150 – a two-day think tank, TechFestival, Copenhagen, 7-8 September 2018.

Deltager, Datafication, Digital Inequalities and Data Justice, Workshop at Tampere University, Finland, August 2018.

Forfatter, Research exhibition, Förnuft eller känsla? Fakta, forskning och föreställningarMalmö University Library, April-October 2018.

Paneldeltager, Keynote by Professor Pille Pruulmann Vengerfeldt, Digital parenting: How social media helps push the boundaries of being normal, Malmö University, April 2018.

Forelæser og paneldeltager, TRAIN Conference, Kristinehamn, April 2018.

Ordstyrer, Panel om civic engagement and civic experiences in datafied societies, Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data, ECREA Communication and Democracy conference, Stockholm, November 2017.

Ordstyrer, Panel on digital activism, Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data, ECREA Communication and Democracy conference, Stockholm, November 2017.

Medarrangør, Open Lecture on Racist Propaganda in the Digital Age, IT University of Copenhagen, May 2017.

Medarrangør, Conference on Digital Social Inclusion, IT University of Copenhagen, April 2017.

Medlems- og repræsentantskab

Formand for Young Scholars Network of the European Communication Research and Education Association (YECREA) – 2018-2021.

Medlem af Datafication, Digital Inequalities and Data Injustice (nordisk forskningsnetværk) – 2018-2021.

Medlem af Udenrigsministeriets Netværk om Desinformation – 2019-2021.

Ph.d.-repræsentant i Vejledningskollegiet, Institut for kunst, kultur og kommunikation. Malmö Universitet – 2018 – 2019.

Medlem af Föreningen för svensk medie- och kommunikationsforskning (FSMK) – siden januar 2018.

YECREA repræsentant i Communication and Democracy-sektionen af European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) – 2017-2018.

Medlem af Democracy and Citizenship in Digital Society (DECIDIS), strategisk forskningsinitiativ på IT-Universitetet i København – 2016 – 2018.


Jeg har fagfællebedømt publikationer i følgende akademiske tidsskrifter (i alfabetisk rækkefølge):
Big Data & Society
Canadian Journal of Communication
Cooperation and Conflict
Digital Culture and Education
Emotion, Space and Society
European Journal of Communication
First Monday
Globalisation, Societies and Education
Global Policy
Human Communication Research
Journalism Studies
Journal of Contemporary European Studies
Journal of Language and Politics
Media, Culture & Society
New Media & Society
Nordic Journal of Media Studies
Nordicom Review

Political Communication
Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy
Theory, Culture & Society


Rejselegat, 2018 – 58 000 SEK, Reidar Peters Internationaliseringsfond

Rejselegat, 2018 – 2000 SEK, Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK)

Rejselegat, 2018 – 1000 DKK, Carlsberg Foundation

Rejselegat, 2015 – 2000 DKK, IT University of Copenhagen, August 2015

Rejselegat, 2011 – 20 000 DKK, Erasmus+